Heartfelt Baby Massage


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Hi, I’m Fran, your certified Baby Massage Instructor, internationally accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Working to support children and families has been part of my life and career for over 17 years, starting out with a Bachelors Degree in Education, it has always been my goal to support children to thrive.

My inspiration for starting Heartfelt Baby Massage came with the birth of my baby in March 2018. Becoming a mother was my lifelong wish, my biggest ever, but my journey into motherhood wasn’t always easy. The first 12 weeks were the most challenging of my life, dealing with sleepless nights, colic, digestive issues, tongue tie, reflux, low milk supply, and all when trying to recover from a protracted labor.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change the challenges for the world, they created the opportunities for me to build an incredible connection with my baby, while learning so much about her, and myself too. Supporting new parents to grow their loving bond, and navigate through the challenges is something I feel so privileged to support in.

It is a joy to create communities of new friends, and provide a space where we can all learn and grow together — this is my heartfelt response to my own journey. I can’t wait to support you in yours.

To find out more about Heartfelt Baby Massage classes please email info@lovestrongwellness.