LoveStrong Foundation

Support for prenatal and postpartum women and families!

We firmly believe all prenatal and postpartum families should have access to the education, services, and support needed to navigate their journey as a parent.  Our foundation serves to supplement these costs for families in need so all families can get the help they need.

It takes a village!

Please consider donating to help a baby breastfeed, to help a mom recover her pelvic floor, to help families struggling with postpartum depression, and so much MORE!!!

How your donation can help…..

$25 – Helps us offer free weekly support groups.
$40 – Allows a family to access free prenatal and lactation education
$50 – Helps to fund our weekly lactation walk in clinic
$100 – Supplements the cost of any LoveStrong Wellness service for low-income families
$125 – Provides a treatment session for maternal mental health.