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Jennifer GathmanJennifer Gathman, RN, MSN, IBCLC

Hi, my name is Jen!  I am an RN and Lactation Consultant and I absolutely love what I do.  I spent the first 10 years of my nursing career in labor & delivery.  It was wonderful helping families bring their newborns into the world.  However, I knew my calling would eventually lead me to helping support families through their breastfeeding journey.  Breastfeeding is natural, but it certainly isn’t without its challenges.  My goal is to provide you with the education you need to make the best decisions for you and your family as well as offer you support every step of the way.

I have lived in San Diego for more years than I haven’t, and consider it home now.  I have the most amazing, supportive husband who enables me to chase my dreams.  We have two crazy teenage boys who keep us busy and entertained.  I am so lucky I consider supporting new families my profession and my passion.  Outside of that though, I love photography, traveling, and spending as much time with family as possible before they grow up and move out.  Oh, and we are converting a school bus into an RV (and hopefully a mobile lactation clinic?).  I look forward to helping make your experience as a new parent one that makes you feel knowledgeable, confident, and empowered.


Marilyn Garner, RN, IBCLC

I will be an IBCLC for 20 years as of 2020 and a RN for over 35 years.
A few years ago I was awarded Nurse of the Year at Sharp in the
Research and Innovations category.
My passion and education in the Lactation specialty was initiated in 1987.
I have worked NICU, Postpartum, and Lactation for Sharp for 27 years.
My BSN is from SDSU.

I was vaccinated with part one of Pfizer in December. My two sons and daughter (breastfed of
course) live here in San Diego. Oldest son is a math teacher, second
is a Mechanical Engineer and my daughter majored in Recreation. I love
fiber arts and have made over 100 quilts.


Corinna SparhawkCorinna Sparhawk Wydra, Lactation Education Counselor

Hello!  My name is Corinna.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis in Media Entertainment.  I also have completed my units and am credentialed as a teacher in Early Childhood Education.  I have taught preschool for over five years and worked intimately with parents and young children.

What especially led me to wanting to become a lactation counselor was my experience with my two children.  Both breastfeeding journeys were completely different and challenging in their own ways.  Because of my nursing experiences, I decided that I want to help others.  I find the science behind breastfeeding so intriguing – it is nutritional, psychological, and creates an intimate bond between mother and child.  I want to share all I have learned with mamas in hopes to help you be successful in your breastfeeding journey – I know how tough it can be and having the right support group can make or break your experience.  I am so excited to share in your endeavor and watch you learn, grow, and enjoy this part of your parenting role!