Subtenant Maintenance Request

Please complete this form if you have concerns that need to be addressed by RB Courtyard.  This form will be copy and pasted in an email to the Courtyard so please be sure to include all the info needed for them to address the concern.

Concerns related to LoveStrong, please email me directly.

Each office is designated with a letter so the Courtyard knows which office we are referring to.  Please see the list of offices and letters below.

Maintenance Details

This applies to items that need repair. If it is a concern with cleaning or other issues that are typically addressed outside business hour, please check "no".


Office A – Boutique
Office B – Karyn, Hope, Brooke
Office C – Jennie/JP
Office D/E – Liz
Office F – empty
Office K – Alexis
Office L – Erika
Office M – Danielle/Ashlee
Office O – Alyssa
Office Q – Julie
Office R – Ashley/Krystalynn
Office S – Erika
Office T – Jen

Back Lobby is the lobby by Erika’s office.